Hackcomic.com is a new media company set up to provide content and laughs to all citizens of this wonderous world we call the World Wide Web. Hackcomic.com gives some known and some unknown writers and comedians a chance to present their unconventional thoughts that the television networks refuse to let them do. (wow that was a long sentence). That's right- hackcomic.com give you the smart edgy comedy that YOU, the viewer wants.

I will now take questions from the gallery:

Q: What the hell is this?

A: Glad, you asked. Hackcomic.com is a new media company set up to provide content and laughs...

Q: Yea, I read that on the top. Don't gimme some PR bull, talk to me like a person.

A: I am sorry. Hackcomic.com is simply a way for some very funny people to show you some of their funny work.

Q: So , you all want to show off how funny you are?

A: Sort of. We do this to clear our minds of things we know we can't do in our professional lives. Plus, we're all single and we thought this may be a good way to pick up babes.

Q; I'm an owner of a big company and I would like to give you money for some of your shows. Can I buy them?

A: Well, to be honest, we are doing these shows for our own sense of fun. We enjoy the autonomy that hackcomic.com gives us. We like the freedom of creative expression... HELLO! Yes, back up the truck and let the sell out begin!

Q: So, this isn't some big studio or something just trying to present alternative comedy when in truth you all have multi-million dollar deals?

A: Hell no. This really is an independent project with no money coming in from any business sources. But feel free to send donations. We can use some food.

Q: How many shows are you going to do?

A: As many as we can. We have tons of ideas but as of now only one animator who is willing to work cheap. Check him out at Mighty Design Studio. We cannot recommend him any more highly.

Q: How can I find out about new shows?

A: Excellent question just send a mail to newsletter@hackcomic.com

Q: Can I go now?

A: Sure... But don't forget to tell your friends!

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